Project X

Project X is a Space trading game in the same style as DrugWars. The game is in active development and is slowly coming together despite my lack of imagination and total inability when it comes to art.

Project X is in early alpha. Currently version 0.3.5

Implemented Features

  • A handful of systems with about 6 locations each
  • Fuel usage on travel
  • 2 Ships
  • 6 Wares to trade
  • 2 Mission types (Transport, Delivery)

Planned Features

  • Random Events (Trader, Pirate, Cops, Debris)
  • Ship Outfitting
  • Combat
  • Mining
  • Exploration
  • Missions (Kill orders, Mining)
  • Character customisation
  • Multiple weapon types
  • More cargos
  • More Races
  • More places
  • More ships…

Please send any feature request or ideas through the bug reporting channel

Previous Versions

Changelog/ Download links are now over at


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